Find Out How Facebook Tracks You Even When You're Not Using It

Find Out How Facebook Tracks You Even When You're Not Using It

Find Out How Facebook Tracks You Even When You're Not Using It

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that a new privacy tool called Off-Facebook Activity is now available to Facebook users around the globe.

Facebook users need to open the Settings of the service and select "Your Facebook Information" from the left column and then "Off-Facebook Activity" on the page that opens.

Facebook has stated that various businesses send information to Facebook about the activities of a user on their website and app, based on which the users get relevant ads on Facebook.

If you clear the data, will it also reduce the number of ads on the app?

It should also be noted that after using the "clear history" option, you will be logged out of certain websites you have accessed using your Facebook account.

Once again, this is all activity you do when you're not on Facebook's site or app. Alluding to that, Zuckerberg said his goal for 2020 is for the company is "not to be liked, but to be understood", saying Facebook will increasingly articulate its positions even if they're not popular.

Along with this rollout, over the next few weeks, Facebookers will also start to see prompts encouraging them to make use of the app's Privacy Checkup tools to review their privacy settings.

"The information you disconnect will no longer be connected to your account", Facebook says. It also doesn't stop the third parties from sharing data with Facebook in future.

Facebook alone counted an average of 1.7 billion active users each day during the month, up 9% - ahead of expectations. The second is the Facebook SDK, which is a software toolkit that people can use to build similar capabilities into everything from mobile apps to PC games. Note that Facebook doesn't actually delete that data.

All that personal data fuels Facebook's ad-targeting business.

Facebook says it is able to offer its platform for free because of the money it earns from advertising.

Jane sees an ad on Facebook for a 10% off coupon on her next shoe or clothing purchase from the online store.

Thanks to the new California Consumer Privacy Act tech companies are being forced to tell us all what data they've collected about us. That's Mark Zuckerberg's minions - namely, algorithms collecting data from your offsite activities - at work.

If you want to turn off all activity, click on the Manage Future Activity link.

Facebook has warned for several quarters that growing at the same rate will be more hard in the future.

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