Suspected case of coronavirus in Arkansas

Suspected case of coronavirus in Arkansas

Suspected case of coronavirus in Arkansas

And at a news conference Tuesday, top USA health officials reiterated that the disease - while serious - is not now a threat to ordinary Americans. Similar coronaviruses from past outbreaks - severe acute respiratory syndrome and Middle East respiratory syndrome - did not spread in the absence of symptoms, but that doesn't mean the new one will behave the same way.

The Centers for Disease Control says the immediate health risk to Americans is low.

The State Department issued a Level 4 advisory for Wuhan, meaning "no American should travel to Wuhan while this virus continues to have impact", Vice President Mike Pence said Monday.

A flu shot is your best way to protect against getting the flu, and it's still not too late to be vaccinated this season. Ready for this? Wash your hands. There is now no vaccine to prevent Coronavirus infection, but the CDC recommends preventive actions, such as handwashing, to stop the spread of germs. The time it takes to hum the song "Happy Birthday' twice is about right duration".

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That's why we teach our kids to cover their coughs, and to sneeze into an elbow. "We have multiple systems in place to prepare for, detect and respond to prevent the spread of serious infectious diseases in the province", she said. It's hitting hard across all age groups with the sicker ones being younger children and elder adults. That could help in developing new drugs as well as laying the groundwork for a future vaccine. "I think when it comes to viruses like this it's something different, people haven't heard of it before and influenza, we're used to hearing about it every year so I think we forget just out deadly it can be". The infection can cause pneumonia, kidney failure, and even death.

What are the immediate risks of Coronavirus vs. the flu?

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, the new coronavirus has not yet reached Arkansas. "So there is no way on earth many of us, including myself, are going to leave our loved ones, in my case, my girlfriend or my dog", Perez said.

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