Yes, you'll be able to watch the Super Bowl on your Roku

Yes, you'll be able to watch the Super Bowl on your Roku

Yes, you'll be able to watch the Super Bowl on your Roku

FOX's transparent attempt to rile the emotions of Roku customers in their public statement sounds like a desperate battle cry of a falling empire.

Super Bowl LIV will air on Fox Sunday night.

We've received email and social media messages from Roku users asking about watching the Super Bowl on the Roku platform.

Roku carries Fox apps, including Fox Now, Fox Sports, Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Soccer, Big Ten Network and Fox Nation.

On Friday, Roku had claimed its digital video platform could not stream apps without a deal in place.

In the wake of the removal, Roku addressed concerns and whether or not Fox Sports would be removed as well.

Roku, for its part, said, "We are delighted that we reached an agreement with Fox to distribute Fox channels on the Roku platform". To be clear, FOX has not asked ROKU to remove our apps, and we would prefer Roku continue to make them available without interruption.

Roku in September had about 32 million active accounts across its suite of connected television products. "Roku's threat to delete Fox apps from its customers' devices is a naked effort to use its customers as pawns", a Fox spokesperson said late Thursday.

Meanwhile, the National Football League has stepped in to reassure its fans that despite this dumb squabble between companies, Roku owners will still be able to watch the Super Bowl for free using this platform by downloading the National Football League app. Keep in mind, however, that this app won't offer the game in 4K HDR quality, so you'll have to figure out a different solution if that's a dealbreaker for you. What that means for Roku users is that the Super Bowl will once again be streaming.

Currently, some FOX Roku Channels are still missing from the Roku Channel store at the time this story was published. However, increasing competition in the streaming space saw an end-of-year pullback.

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