2 arrested after SUV breaches security near Mar-a-Lago

2 arrested after SUV breaches security near Mar-a-Lago

2 arrested after SUV breaches security near Mar-a-Lago

"This is someone who was obviously impaired somehow and driving very recklessly". Bradshaw said she could also face other assault charges and penalties for traffic violations.

No one was injured in the incident at Mar-a-Lago today, according to authorities during a press conference. According to media reports, Trump was not present at his resort when the incident took place, he, however, was scheduled to visit the place later in the evening.

At that point, deputies and Secret Service members opened fire on the vehicle. George Piro, the special-agent-in charge of the FBI's Miami field office, said federal charges could be brought.

The SUV approached the resort following a police chase. The officer tapped on her window. Still, Roemhild got away.

A black SUV breached both security checkpoints, and was headed toward the main entrance, said the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office. Nevertheless, he was in Washington at the time of the incident. When officers arrived, the woman left in another auto and police pursued them toward Mar-a-Lago, says a Secret Service spokesperson. Her vehicle was hit several times. We didn't know if there was somebody with a vehicle bomb.

The Sheriff's Office later blocked off the Southern Boulevard Bridge that connects Palm Beach to West Palm Beach. Authorities lost her, although PBSO scrambled a helicopter into the air.

"She tried to put the vehicle into drive and the officer actually smashed the windows out and tried to grab the steering wheel", Bradshaw said. On Saturday, the Trumpettes will have its annual Red, White & Blu gala with headliner Roseanne Barr, while the president will host a Super Bowl party the next day. She had not yet been interviewed mid-Friday afternoon.

Roemhild then picked up her mother from a nearby airport and checked into a hotel before she had been detained. It does not appear that she has a law enforcement record. The property is heavily monitored by Secret Service when the President is staying there. Local law enforcement agencies assist the Secret Service and provide personnel for security. It's a road that leads no where else but to Mar-a-Lago. "[They're] shutting it down".

The authorities said that they did not yet know Roemhild's motive but that they believed she was unaware she was near Mar-a-Lago. It wasn't immediately clear whether she has a lawyer to offer comment.

"It was unknown at that point time- due to her erratic driving- how many lives she was going to put in danger", he added. "The president is not even around". Staff and guests were told they would be unable to come and go, and some were told it could be hours longer before they can leave.

The incident began several miles away from Mar-a-Lago when authorities were called about a woman dancing on a parked vehicle in a hotel parking lot.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump walk across the South Lawn toward Marine One at the White House in Washington on January 17, 2020.

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