You can still watch the Super Bowl for free on Roku

You can still watch the Super Bowl for free on Roku

You can still watch the Super Bowl for free on Roku

The move would put Roku's delivery of the free Fox Sports Super Bowl LIV stream in jeopardy.

Amid a stock tumble today, Roku (ROKU -6.2%) has issued a blog update to its dispute over distributing Fox (FOX -1.7%, FOXA -1.2%) channels, saying it's still working on a deal before Super Bowl Sunday. Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity is also expected to air an interview with the president prior to the game. "Roku's threat to delete Fox apps from its customers' devices is a naked effort to use its customers as pawns", a Fox spokesperson said late Thursday.

Fox had disputed Roku's characterization of the situation and said it wanted its apps to remain on the platform.

"To be clear, Fox hasn't asked Roku to eliminate our programs, and we'd like Roku continue to make them accessible without disturbance", the firm said in an announcement into the Verge. Many offer free trials for new customers.

But for my guess, I think Roku and Fox Corp need to figure something out with the quickness, since fans may start to riot if they can't get easy access to the Super Bowl.

Roku users were in danger of losing Fox Corp.'s entire suite of streaming apps - including those for Fox News Channel and Fox Nation (the channels subscription-streaming offshoot).

"Our distribution contract with Fox about to run out on January 31 so Fox channels had been faraway from the Roku Channel Retailer", the corporate tweeted in response to an inquiry. "Roku's approaches are a badly timed negotiating ploy, making a catastrophe with no idea for the alert it created one of its customers".

The game will stream free on the National Football League app on Roku unless FOX blocks your ability to stream it. And even if the situation is resolved, not many Roku users are upset (some users threaten to stop buying or throwing Roku devices in the trash).

If you expected to use the Fox Sports application to broadcast the Super Bowl On a Roku this weekend, you may have to start making other plans.

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