Bernie Sanders "It's not practical as far to the left"

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders "It's not practical as far to the left"

Bernie Sanders says he raised no less than $ 25 million in January and will use the bank account of his presidential campaign to increase television and digital advertising in 10 states. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks during a campaign event at The Colonial Theatre February 04, 2020 in Keene, New Hampshire. This is attributed to Warren's excellent ground game and the widespread belief that she's the most competent candidate in the race, even as her gender gives people who are anxious about electability some concerns.

"This is the most euphoric I have ever been to support the candidate", Judd told the rapt crowd, after mentioning that she had been politically engaged since the '90s.

"They established, when they put on a sham trial, that their first loyalty is not to the constitution, but to Donald Trump", she said.

He also made reference to the chaotic Iowa Caucus, the final results of which were still being counted-and said he expected to take away roughly the same amount of delegates from Iowa to the national convention as Pete Buttigieg. Late last week Justin Vernon of Bon Iver played an acoustic set at a Sanders rally in Clive, Iowa, while The Strokes recently endorsed Sanders and announced they'd be performing at an upcoming rally later this month.

The results were released almost a day after the caucuses were held, thanks to widespread reporting issues.

It was Tip O'Neill, I think, who once noted that if the Democratic Party were transplanted to Europe-that is, to nations that had a multiparty system and proportional representation-it would break up into five separate parties.

Caucus organizers said the app was hard to download and contained a number of glitches.

Earlier Tuesday at a Rally in New Hampshire, Joe Biden went after Sanders on Medicare for All, saying the plan lack specifics and would never pass Congress. Just because people really realize that he tells the truth.

She said the campaign wrote a letter to the Iowa Democratic Party asking it to address the "considerable flaws" in the process.

He's up by 9 points over Biden in New Hampshire.

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