Wyoming US Senator Rips Democrats Over Stimulus Bill Vote

Wyoming US Senator Rips Democrats Over Stimulus Bill Vote

Wyoming US Senator Rips Democrats Over Stimulus Bill Vote

"There's still a few little differences". "I think we are very hopeful that this can be closed out tomorrow".

However, the Senate Minority Leader said President Donald Trump appeared "very happy" to hear that Senate and White House negotiators were close to reaching a deal, with an agreement expected to be reached as soon as Tuesday morning.

Trump Jr. added further context to the initial breakdown of the deal, adding that Senate Democrats changed their minds "when they figured out that five GOP senators would not be able to vote on it because they were self quarantining".

Ahead of a Senate vote on the package, Pelosi announced Sunday that she wants to draft her own plan instead of presiding over House feedback to the Senate version.

McConnell has blamed Democrats for delaying progress on the bill even as Democrats continued to negotiate with White House officials.

Some elements of this proposal already exist in the bill that the Senate is negotiating. They're wondering where we are.

"They ought to be embarrassed", McConnell stated.

The Democrats are also opposing what they say is the package prioritizing corporate interests over American workers, asking for a bigger allocation to families and healthcare workers.

McConnell blasted Democrats during a speech on the Senate floor on Monday. But Democrats are pushing for more health-care dollars for the front-line hospitals and workers.

When asked about those concerns during a press conference Monday evening, Trump said: "I'll be the oversight, I'll be the oversight. They have to make a deal".

Bailout funds aside, Trump has a conflict because following the advice of scientists and public health experts to restrict travel hurts his private business, while "lifting the guidelines will translate into a horrifying number of American deaths", Axios notes. The package also proposes a one-time rebate of about $1,200 per person, or $3,000 for a family of four, as well as extended unemployment benefits.

Republicans said Democrats were seeking to add unrelated provisions, such as expanded tax credits for wind and solar power and increased leverage for labor unions.

McConnell argued that Democrats were turning the bill into a "left-wing episode of Supermarket Sweep". It was the second time in two days Democrats blocked the measure as talks over the giant bill continue. "We were doing just fine until that intervention". And what does Speaker Pelosi try to do?

Following Pelosi's announcement, the vote on the Senate bill failed at 47-47, the Daily Caller reports. Moving forward on competing legislation could delay negotiations considerably.

Notably, the proposal would also provide payments of $1,500 per American adult and $1,500 per child, for up to three children in a household. "We've got small businesses that are closing literally by the hour".

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