Coronavirus: New infections down again in Italy, but deaths back up - English

Coronavirus: New infections down again in Italy, but deaths back up - English

Coronavirus: New infections down again in Italy, but deaths back up - English

The number of new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in Italy fell for the second day in a row yesterday, raising hopes that the lockdown enforced two weeks ago is working.

Entire deaths in the nation have reached 6,820 of 69,176 supported cases, using a fatality proportion of 10% compared to about 4% worldwide.

About 602 deaths were recorded Monday, well below the world record of 793 deaths last Saturday.

The number of coronavirus cases in Italy may be 10 times what's been officially reported, a lead Italian expert says.

More than 7,500 people have died from the virus in the country since the outbreak started. The city, where 1.1 million people live, is the city with the highest number of cases in Italy and death from coronavirus.

On Sunday, 651 people died.

We hope that those in Italy will preserver through these hard times as the world comes together to eradicate Covid-19.

Nino Cartabellotta, the head of the Gimbe foundation which is gathering data on the number of infected medics, urged that this "phenomemon" must be "curbed to safeguard those who take care of us".

"The decree allows a lot of firms to remain open, many without the proper guarantees and safety norms, creating conditions not agreed with us and fanning a lot of concern among workers", said Paolo Pirani, national head of the UILTEC chemical and textile workers' union.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday cranked up fines for those out on the streets without a legitimate reason from the current 206 euros to 400-3,000 euros ($430-$3,225).

They preside over funerals, comfort the sick, and are often themselves elderly: in the coronavirus crisis in Italy, priests are paying a heavy price. The Mediterranean country, that was the worst affected by the virus besides China, has seen 6,820 deaths till now.

But Borrelli and other Italian medical officials have been extremely cautious to draw any definitive conclusions from the two-day drop.

He said that if the trend is to continue downward, "rigorous measures of containment and social distancing" is necessary, he added.

"Everyone must do their part", Conte said in a televised address.

The spike in numbers came as Italian Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri on Tuesday said the government would ask parliament in the first weeks of April to authorise a new hike in this year's deficit levels.

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