Spain announces record 838 virus deaths in 24 hours

Spain announces record 838 virus deaths in 24 hours

Spain announces record 838 virus deaths in 24 hours

It seems that COVID-19 continues to be unstoppable in Spain: today's mortality data, 832 deaths, represents the largest figure ever on a single day. The coronavirus-related fatalities in Portugal have reached 100.Portugal declared a state of emergency on March 19 due to the coronavirus pandemic.The country's Norte Region, where the city of Porto is located, has been hit hardest by the virus, as more than 3,000 COVID-19 cases were detected here.

Spain prepared to enter its third week under near-total lockdown on Sunday, as the government approved a strengthening of measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus and the death toll rose by 838 cases overnight to 6,528.

But although Spain's latest figures showed a daily increase of more than 8,000 cases, raising the overall number to 72,248, the rate of new infections appeared to be slowing, with officials saying the epidemic could be nearing its peak.

He said workers would receive their usual salaries but would have to make up lost hours at a later date.

"It's like going to the front line in a war", said Rodriguez who cited shortages of surgical masks and said people were "reusing protective suits" because they were in such short supply.

Hospitals remain overcrowded in the capital Madrid, with nursing homes across the country also overwhelmed by patients.

Workers will be prevented from commuting to workplaces in all industries unrelated to health care, food production and distribution for at least two weeks.

"We are working around the increase the availability of these products within the national health system", she said.

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