Global Covid-19 cases to reach one million 'in next few days'

Global Covid-19 cases to reach one million 'in next few days'

Global Covid-19 cases to reach one million 'in next few days'

"In the next few days we will reach one million confirmed cases and 50,000 deaths".

"Many developing countries will struggle to implement social welfare programs of this nature".

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At the same time, other countries and organizations, including the US Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, recommend airborne precautions for any situation involving the care of COVID-19 patients, and consider the use of medical masks as an acceptable option in case of shortages of respirators (N95, FFP2 or FFP3). However, a new study suggests that they have found proof Coronavirus is airborne and can linger in the room much after a patient or someone infected has left.

The head of the World Health Organisation has voiced deep concern about "the rapid escalation and global spread" of the coronavirus that has reached 205 countries and territories. "The number of deaths has more than doubled in the past week".

He said although African countries, as well as locations in Central and South America, had recorded "relatively lower numbers" of cases of infection, the effects could be serious in terms of social, economic and political consequences.

"We are proposing an expedited process to support countries so their economies are not getting into crisis, (and) their communities are not getting into crisis", Tedros said.

Tedros praised India's efforts, including a $24 package of free food rations for 800 million people, cash transfers to 204 million poor women, and free cooking gas for 80 million households over the next three months. The findings offer "limited evidence that some potential for airborne transmission exists", researchers said, though they warned that the findings do not confirm airborne spread. That is why we call on the worldwide community to get debt relief to support those countries.

He added that World Health Organization, along with UNICEF and the International Federation of Red Cross, has also released new guidelines to help developing countries adopt practices like physical distancing and rigorous handwashing.

Tedros applauded the now-underway "solidarity trial", which so far includes 74 countries and is testing four different drug combinations' safety and effectiveness against COVID-19.

The researchers believe that these findings only reaffirm the risks that the COVID19 virus poses, particularly to health workers who must wear the full protective gear at all times when caring for Coronavirus patients.

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