IOS beta code hints at iPhone 9 with CarKey feature

IOS beta code hints at iPhone 9 with CarKey feature

IOS beta code hints at iPhone 9 with CarKey feature

It's expected to be released to developers and public beta testers in the next few days.

Apple released code signing for iOS 13.3.1 on Tuesday after the release of iOS 13.4, effectively preventing users who had upgraded to the latest version of the operating system from downgrading.

Of course, it's to be expected that a minor sub-point release will only include bug fixes, and there may even in fact be more of these to come, but according to the report, it's otherwise the end of the road for iOS 13 - there won't be an iOS 13.5. At this point, the lack of iOS 13.4.1 update being offered to developers in beta means that Apple can resolve VPN issues that are continuing in iOS 13.4 as soon as possible and release an urgent update.

The US-based firm, which generally shares the same release notes in its intermediate version numbers, says the first beta version of iOS 13.4.5 is based on bug fixes and improvements.

Fortunately, it seems Apple has worked quickly to eliminate this issue. As the iPhone 8 doesn't have that combination of features, this code probably refers to the new iPhone 9 that had already leaked in the iOS 14 code.

While the new beta appears to contain mostly bug-fixes, it does contain at least one new feature.

This makes sense given that Apple is directing most of its development work to iOS 14, which according to the original schedule, is supposed to go live in September for supported iPhones and iPads. That is, iOS 13.4.1 can be released publicly, without going through any developer stages.

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