3rd SpaceX prototype spacecraft blows up during pressure test #58338

3rd SpaceX prototype spacecraft blows up during pressure test #58338

3rd SpaceX prototype spacecraft blows up during pressure test #58338

After the propellant is injected in the craft, SpaceX's prototype can be seen buckling from the inside out until it eventually collapses on itself under the pressure. There is an existing video on YouTube captured by NASASpaceflight that shows the very top portion of the specific SN3 prototype vehicle losing its very structural integrity which then resulted to it tumbling down.

A group of rocket scientists, Musk, filled it with liquid nitrogen to check if the spacecraft could handle the freezing temperatures and pressures in space.

Once it's developed, SpaceX intends to use the Starship platform to deliver passengers and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, and Mars. These are high expectations which CEO Elon Musk has recently been open about.

The rocket was created to be unlike what anybody has seen before as it was supposedly capable of carrying about 100 passengers. The Starship SN3 prototype was undergoing cryogenic proof testing at the company's facility in Boca Chica, Texas. SpaceX Efforts to build Starship, their huge new fully reusable spacecraft, are no exception. The most recent Starship prototype, designated "SN3", failed catastrophically during cryogenic proof testing, which is created to simulate pressures the spacecraft would encounter during a test flight.

On November 20 past year, the Mk1 prototype blew its top during a cryogenic pressure test and on February 28, the SN2 prototype exploded at the base during a cryogenic pressurization test.

As per Musk, "this may have been a test design botch".

Earlier in the day it was reported that the SN3 had successfully completed a similar test conducted at ambient temperature before attempting this next stage. This is very like the previous Starhopper prototype which had the option to rise to a stature of around 150 meters or 490 feet directly before running towards the surface.

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It is still obscure with regards to whether SpaceX will have the option to hit its target goal of having the option to perform orbital dry runs of the Starship planned later this year.

This marks the third time that SpaceX's Starship prototype has experienced such a failure and comes a little more than a month after a previous event.

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