American farmers dump milk amid Covid-19 crunch

American farmers dump milk amid Covid-19 crunch

American farmers dump milk amid Covid-19 crunch

The country doesn't have a problem with shoppers clearing out dairy cases of milk, or the various other milk products in grocery stores - but it's not making up for the closings of restaurants and schools. Some Wisconsin dairy farmers have been asked by their processors to withhold delivery of milk, resulting in the need for milk or milk/manure mixtures to be applied to cropland.

This footage was shared by Laura Johnson of Providence Dairy, a farm with 1,200 cows based in Climax, Georgia.

Jason Leedle, a member of America's largest dairy cooperative, told Reuters since Tuesday that he was directed to dump almost 5,000 gallons of milk every day.

A group of dairy organizations wrote a letter to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to ask the US Department of Agriculture to help the dairy industry amid the closure of businesses and the widespread stay-at-home orders. Trucking companies that haul dairy products are struggling to get enough drivers as many have stopped working.

In a statement to United States media outlet The Midwest Farm Report, Coady said: "Due to the excess milk and plants already operating at capacity, there is more milk right now than space available in processing plants".

While low prices and high demand mean that customers are buying up gallons, many dairy suppliers depend on wholesale markets, such as the food service industry, which has been brought to a halt by the crisis. Mark Strassmann speaks to some American farmers who tell him they are facing massive labor shortages.

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