American health expert Fauci: 'Now is not the time to retire'

American health expert Fauci: 'Now is not the time to retire'

American health expert Fauci: 'Now is not the time to retire'

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious diseases expert, said Sunday that earlier efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus in the U.S.

Fauci said in an interview with ABC News that people shouldn't assume the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus will go away with warmer weather. "But what goes into those kinds of decisions is complicated". "So I have confidence that with the help that we can do federally, from the federal government to the fact that the states are really committed to doing it right, I think that combination hopefully is going to get us to where we want to be". "Something I mentioned yesterday and the day before, that there are a lot of candidate interventions that are going into clinical trials", Dr Fauci added.

A handful of holdout USA churches plan to hold in-person services on Easter Sunday, saying their right to worship in person outweighs public health officials' warnings that they may be spreading more than just the Gospel by holding large gatherings. The agreement among the health officials came after they held a tabletop exercise to game out the potential for a full-blown pandemic.

Anthony Fauci suggested Sunday morning that more lives could have been saved if Donald Trump had initiated a coronavirus shut down earlier than mid-March. During his meeting, the group conducted a mock-up exercise of the pandemic that predicted 110 million infections, 7.7 million hospitalizations and 586,000 deaths.

President Trump, who's ready to reopen the USA economy amid disastrous unemployment numbers and plummeting stock markets, also offered some hope.

"Ohioans have done a great job", the governor told CNN's Jim Sciutto Friday.

"So even though we're in a holiday season, now is no time to back off", Fauci added.

There have been 501,701 COVID-19 cases reported in the US, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

This story is breaking and will be updated. But accounts of a President who was warned repeatedly in the first three months of the year of the upcoming pandemic crisis in the face of his reluctance to lock down the country and its economy abounded in the liberal United States media that Trump has repeatedly excoriated as the "enemy of the people".

"It is not going to be a light switch that we say, 'Okay, now it's June, July or whatever, click, the light switch goes back on, ' " he said.

Fauci warned that it will be a hard balance to keep the numbers from going back up when the country eventually gets back to normal.

However, Fauch stated that by the end of April, he hopes to see things normalizing: "We hope that by the end of this 30 day extension that we will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel where we can say we're pretty confident that we can gradually start approaching some degree of normality".

"People should not have to decide whether they can vote or be sick. If not, then just continue to hunker down", Fauci said.

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