Boris Johnson's Nurse: Parents say daughter was very professional

Boris Johnson's Nurse: Parents say daughter was very professional

Boris Johnson's Nurse: Parents say daughter was very professional

The prime minister singled out Jennie McGee, 35, from New Zealand, and Luis Pitarma, 29, from Portugal, for their "astonishing care" while he was in hospital.

Mike and Caroline McGee, parents of Jenny McGee, the nurse from Invercargill who treated British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the ICU unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London.

ONE of the intensive care nurses who helped save Boris Johnson's life has said they were "only doing their job" before she started another shift yesterday.

Responding to King's comments on Wednesday, the prime minister's official spokesman told a press briefing: "The Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor have spoken about this on any number of occasions and explained that we believe we took the right decisions at the right point in time". "It really wasn't until he was out of intensive care until she actually told us", her mother Caroline told TVNZ.

Both Mr Pitarma and Ms McGee were barred from revealing their contact with Mr Johnson until he had left the ICU and returned to a lower dependency ward, due to hospital regulations.

Updating reporters on the Prime Minister's health, the spokesman added: "The Prime Minister is focusing on his recovery and he is not now carrying out Government work".

Luis Pitarma described Johnson as "very approachable".

Wonderful to see our Prime Minister back in front of the camera and making such progress. "He replied, "Call me Boris, that's enough", Mr Pitarma Snr recounted.

Johnson announced his positive test results March 27 in a video online, saying that his symptoms were mild and that he was self-isolating.

He admitted there was a 48-hour period when things "could have gone either way".

The 55-year-old prime minister is set to recuperate at his official country retreat in Buckinghamshire after spending almost a week at the St. Thomas Hospital when his coronavirus symptoms worsened.

Two NHS nurses are being hailed as heroes after the British Prime Minister publicly thanked them for looking after him when he was in hospital fighting coronavirus.

Pitarma's father, a gas appliance technician in Aveiro, a coastal city in northern Portugal, says he and his wife have since been bombarded with congratulations from family, friends and clients.

"We're not used to this kind of thing", he said, adding that he and his wife are proud their son's dedication has been recognised.

He said his son has been working in the United Kingdom as a nurse for six year, and his parents are "happy and proud" that his dedication has been recognised.

They said she treated Mr Johnson like any other patient. The principle is always the same: "first of all, care for the patient", he said.

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