Ticketmaster refund policy change has fans fuming

Ticketmaster refund policy change has fans fuming

Ticketmaster refund policy change has fans fuming

Now, the site states that refunds will only be issued if an event is cancelled outright. But in a desperate cash grab, Ticketmaster has quietly changed its refund policy, screwing over countless customers who need extra money now more than ever. Now Ticketmaster isn't making it easier for fans of any entertainment form.

They are not offering refunds for postponed shows, even if the ticker holder can not attend the show on the new date or a new date has not yet been scheduled. The policy gives event organizers say when it comes to refunding postponed and rescheduled shows, something customers agree to when they purchase tickets. "If an event organizer is offering refunds for postponed or rescheduled events, a refund link will appear on your Ticketmaster account".

The New York Times reported the change of the language on the Ticketmaster website.

Fan frustration boils further after StubHub, the country's most popular secondary-market ticket-purchasing platform, announced two weeks ago that it would offer only vouchers to future shows for buyers looking for refunds, even for concerts that have been canceled. StubHub also suggests that customers can sell their tickets in the StubHub marketplace. As for StubHub, they claim that as a middleman for people buying and selling event tickets, offering refunds for every canceled event "is simply not manageable".

Ticket-buyers will be on the hook for postponed or rescheduled events. It now acknowledges refunds for canceled events but says those for postponed or rescheduled events are only provided if offered by the organizer, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The new refund policy outlined on Ticketmaster's website.

In a four week period, more than 17 million Americans have been forced to file for unemployment due to the economic shutdown caused in response to the coronavirus pandemic, including a major blow to the billion-dollar concert and live event industry. As COVID-19 continues to spread, it is unclear when concerts, sports, and other events will resume.

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