Iconic phone brand BlackBerry faces extinction as manufacturer loses licence

Iconic phone brand BlackBerry faces extinction as manufacturer loses licence

Iconic phone brand BlackBerry faces extinction as manufacturer loses licence

BlackBerry said at the time that the move was part of its plan to get out of the mobile phone production business and instead focus its efforts on cybersecurity and software.

Key2 model smartphones introduced in 2018 were still being promoted at the BlackBerry website on Monday.

BlackBerry Mobile says TCL Communication will no longer be making or selling BlackBerry-branded mobile devices.

While there's been nothing official said until now, there have been rumours about BlackBerry devices from TCL ending for a little while. While BlackBerry is still in the software business, they had licensed the name to TCL to distribute its Android phones. RIM continued its legacy with many series within the BlackBerry brand, the likes of the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Bold, Torch and the BlackBerry Pearl.

We may be close to the end of BlackBerry smartphones.

The company ended its own in-house device development before entering into the deal with TCL in late 2016, releasing a number of new smartphones since with limited critical success.

But it will still support the current portfolio of BlackBerry devices through February 2022.

In Malaysia, I personally have never seen anyone using a BlackBerry phone or have seen one available for sale in stores. The KEY phones were especially interesting, as they brought back the iconic BlackBerry design with a physical QWERTY keyboard in a world filled with flat slabs of glass that are virtually indistinguishable from each other.

The author has never come forward, but the predictions made in the post have come true: the agreement is coming to an end.

The company has not yet indicated whether it will be seeking partnerships with other manufacturers to keep its phones alive.

BlackBerry helped lay the foundation for the modern smartphone with its keyboard-wielding mobile devices. This means that TCL will no longer have the rights to design, manufacture or sell BlackBerry-branded devices.

In 2016, we said that the brand passed to TCL. It then added, perhaps slightly less convincingly: "The future is bright for both TCL Communication and BlackBerry Limited".

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