Alberta commits $53 million to mental health supports

Alberta commits $53 million to mental health supports

Alberta commits $53 million to mental health supports

These new funds will help implement more online, phone and in-person mental health and addiction recovery services to help Albertan's cope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It warns that the pandemic could have a "profound" and "pervasive impact" on global mental health now and in the future, yet only a very small proportion of new scientific publications relating to the virus have centred on its mental health effects.

"Many will benefit from making a phone call to a trained mental health professional who is equipped with the latest information about the pandemic response and referral options".

Emma also said there were measures we could all be taking to improve our mental health during these unprecedented times.

'This needs to be on a bigger scale than we have ever seen previously, and must be coordinated, targeted and comprehensive, ' said Matthew Hotopf, from King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.

"Knowing what is happening in real time will allow us to respond by designing more user friendly and effective ways to promote good mental health while people are in their homes".

"There is a particular problem in the social care system where there are severe shortages of protective and testing equipment".

"Education about this, detection of people with symptoms, and availability of treatment are important in mitigating the mental health consequences of COVID-19", added Galea.

Surveys have highlighted concerns about accessing mental health support when required, fear that existing health problems might get worse and worry about the impact of social distancing, staying home and financial difficulties caused by loss of work.

Although social distancing is holding back the spread of COVID-19, it will undoubtedly have negative consequences for mental health and well-being in both the short and long term, say public health experts.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab is expected to join in from Downing Street as Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to recuperate after contracting Covid-19.

"So programs that would provide up to, maybe, three to four months of support to individuals who need some relief from the anxiety, and in some cases depression that is being induced by the COVID-19 pandemic", she tells NEWS 1130.

"Just as people are looking after their physical health, we're asking people to actively look after their mental health".

Studies have found that SARS and other disease outbreaks have led to an increase in suicide rates and a number of health care workers experienced emotional troubles.

"Increased social isolation, loneliness, health anxiety, stress and an economic downturn are a flawless storm to harm people's mental health and wellbeing".

He said that a lack of intervention risked an explosion of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, as well as a rise in alcohol and drug addiction.

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