Older Americans get chance to join virus vaccine study

Older Americans get chance to join virus vaccine study

Older Americans get chance to join virus vaccine study

Other research funded will look at the impact of Covid-19 on pregnancy outcomes and track the rates of infection, through antibody tests, in children and teenagers, who have made up only a very small fraction of confirmed cases.

"A safe and effective vaccine may be the only tool that can return the world to a sense of 'normalcy, ' saving millions of lives and countless trillions of dollars", he added.

Vaccine is the most powerful weapon to defeat COVID-19.

Moderna drug company based in Boston, U.S. on January 13 announced it developed a potential vaccine called "mRNA-1273", two days after China announced the genetic sequence of COVID-19.

"CEPI is working at an unprecedented speed to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, in collaboration with scientists from around the world".

When asked if Moderna might get an emergency-use approval from the FDA to get mRNA-1273 on the market quickly, Zaks said he couldn't make any promises.

As well as the development and testing phase, one of the limiting factors is the UK's manufacturing capacity.

NIH infectious disease chief Dr. Anthony Fauci told The Associated Press there are "no red flags" so far and he hoped the next, larger phase of testing could begin around June.

The drugmakers plan to start initial clinical tests of the vaccine prototype this year itself.

Moderna has been testing its vaccine-creation technology on the Zika virus. If successful, the vaccine would be available in the second half of 2021.

In the United States, a 44-year-old mother of two was the first person to be injected with a possible vaccine for COVID-19 - considered one of three frontrunners being developed - after responding to a callout on Facebook for volunteers in Seattle. This should provoke an immune response and create immunity to the virus.

"Work is continuing at a very fast pace", she told the Lancet medical journal, "and I am in no doubt that we will see an unprecedented spirit of collaboration and cooperation, convened by World Health Organization, as we move towards a shared global goal of Covid-19 prevention through vaccination". On Jan. 30 it said they will collaborate with Chinese biotech company Advaccine based in Beijing, in mass production.

Inovio meanwhile has a DNA-based candidate called INO-4800 in a phase 1 trial involving 40 healthy volunteers which started earlier this month. 40 adult volunteers attended the tests in Philadelphia and Kansas, and the subjects will be given two doses of vaccines with 4-week intervals. U.S. company Moderna began clinical trials last month. The first human trials for COVID-19 beat that record by 129 days.

"While a vaccine for general use takes time to develop, a vaccine may ultimately be instrumental in controlling this worldwide pandemic". "Based on our intimate knowledge of and extensive experience with our proprietary DNA platform, including developing vaccine candidates against related coronaviruses, we remain highly confident in the viability and likelihood of success of our vaccine candidate for the novel coronavirus", the company said.

To date, 146,201 have died from the virus, and more than 2.1 million people have been infected, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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