Walmart Requires All Employees to Wear Face Coverings

Walmart Requires All Employees to Wear Face Coverings

Walmart Requires All Employees to Wear Face Coverings

In a letter sent to employees on Friday obtained by Scripps National, Walmart said it is requiring associates to wear face coverings while at work starting on Monday. It was just over a month ago that we announced our COVID-19 emergency leave policy, and since then, we have taken more steps to protect you, our customers and our members with the guidance of our state and local public health officials, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as our company's own Chief Medical Officer. It takes effect on Monday.

She said it is hard to know how effective these types of masks are in keeping out a virus, because they don't undergo the same rigorous testing as surgical masks or N95 masks that are created for health-care workers.

Walmart is requiring employees across the company wear face masks as a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Customers will also be encouraged to cover their faces, although it will not be mandatory.

Masks are hard to find in stores right now, especially medical grade masks that are suitable for healthcare workers, but individuals can use makeshift cloth face coverings of nearly any sort, including fabric from t-shirts, bandanas, and scarves.

The memo said employees would be permitted to bring their own face masks to work, as long as they meet certain guidelines. The requirement will also extend to all Sam's Clubs.

The Department of Health says that face masks do not make people invincible and say the best thing to do is stay home. The memo stated: "It's important to remember that face coverings are simply an additional health precaution".

Six feet is the amount of space people should keep from others, when possible, to maintain social distancing.

To hear more about the executive order and how you can make a mask or face covering, click on Emily De Vito's report. They say if you do - clean your hands with alcohol based hand rub or soap and water. Thank you for being there for them and each other.

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