Dr. Oz Steps In It With Coronavirus Comments

Dr. Oz Steps In It With Coronavirus Comments

Dr. Oz Steps In It With Coronavirus Comments

The celebrity health expert sparked outrage when he made the comments on Fox News Channel's "Hannity," Thursday, calling reopening schools "a very appetizing opportunity" to help the USA get its "mojo back" as it battles the contagion.

In recent days, celebrity doctors Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil have both made alarming comments regarding the novel coronavirus spread and the spike of COVID-19 cases nationwide.

Dr Mehmet Oz has admitted he misspoke after his remarks that reopening schools might not greatly effect overall deaths drew social media backlash.

After mentioning numbers of deaths in poverty, automobile accidents, drinking and smoking pool injuries, Dr. Phil contended,"However, we do not close down the country to this, but we're doing it to it and the fallout will continue for decades since people's lives have been ruined".

He added that viewers can "erase" the examples he gave "if I offended people's sensibilities, and that "if you didn't like my choice of words, I apologize for that".

"I've realized my comments and risks around opening schools have confused and upset people, which was never my intention", he said in the clip he uploaded on Thursday, April 16. "And, when we do this we see a spike begins to move up and we will need to step back again, then that is what we'll need to perform", he explained. We know that for many kids, school is a place of security, nutrition and learning that is missing right now'.

"What I believe, regardless of what I may have come across as saying, is we need widespread testing and continued protection of the high-risk portion of the population".

According to the article, one study "concluded that school closure as an isolated measure was predicted to reduce total deaths by around 2-4% during a COVID-19 outbreak in the United Kingdom". I misspoke, ' he said.

While not a staff member at Fox News, Oz has made frequent appearances on the network since the beginning of the outbreak. Those engaged with school-facilitated health care, such as vaccinations and mental health services, may miss out on vital health provisions, ' the authors wrote. "I have said that depression, anxiety, loneliness and a feeling of helplessness among other things can create problems that can last for years and cost lives and that just should not be ignored".

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