Stranded Deep releases on PS4 & Xbox One today

Stranded Deep releases on PS4 & Xbox One today

Stranded Deep releases on PS4 & Xbox One today

Sharks, octopuses and various sea creatures take part in the game.

Stranded Deep will be launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, today, April 21.

Be the first one to survive the game! It shouldn't and won't be easy... but if you survive through it all, you can escape! Stranded Deep differentiates itself from survival games in general in that there is the possibility of returning home at the end of it. Direct exposure, thirst, and cravings will work against you as you courageous the components. Beam Team Games aimed for 2019, but were still having problems with these third party issues, which wouldn't give them enough time for their QA and submission.

In the blog post, the game developers, Ben Massey and Sam Edwards from Beam Team said: "Following the closure of the previous publisher we had been partnering with, we bought back the console rights so that we could publish it ourselves, along with the support of industry friends and the community".

It remains to be seen how console players will react to the game in the long run, especially since it has been five years since it was released in PC and has already established a strong community in the platform.

According to an announcement on PlayStation Blog and the game's official Twitter account, Beam Team Games' Stranded Deep will be available starting tomorrow, April 21 on PS4 gaming consoles.

Stranded Deep is a survival video game.

Beam Team Games's open world survival title Stranded Deep has had a hard road to launch, but is now confirmed for release on PS4 tomorrow, April 21st.In Stranded Deep, the player is cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean after a plane crash.

The early access version of the Stranded Deep has "mostly positive" reviews on Steam, with the most recent reviews being "very positive", and an overall score of 7/10. This is something players haven't been able to do before, so you can be the first!

"On a personal note, when we picked up the controller to play a final approved PS4 build the other night it was... surreal". The game's early access is available on Linux, macOS and Microsft Windows from 23rd January 2015.

Remember, you need to survive in the game to win the game.

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