Coronavirus: Number of deaths in Cambridgeshire care homes reaches 27

Coronavirus: Number of deaths in Cambridgeshire care homes reaches 27

Coronavirus: Number of deaths in Cambridgeshire care homes reaches 27

In the same period, the Department for Health and Social Care reported 13,917 deaths, with NHS England reporting 15,293 deaths.

The numbers of deaths in care homes and the community will be released daily from Wednesday in an effort to "bring as much transparency as possible" to the death figures.

The latest figures show there were 4,316 deaths involving COVID-19 in England and Wales registered up to April 17 that occurred outside hospitals.

ONS data (looking only at death certificates) for coronavirus-linked care home deaths in England and Wales shows 3,096 deaths from the start of the year to 17 April.

That amounts to 48% all deaths in care homes in Cumbria during that two-week period, according to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The ONS also noted that care homes had recorded at least 4,343 Covid-19 deaths in a fortnight from April 10.

But despite widespread fears over deaths in care homes, less information has been made public.

It is important to note the ONS's figures report deaths where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate, while the CQC's data relies on providers stating whether the virus was suspected or confirmed.

The newspaper says that its analysis also backs up the idea that the peak of United Kingdom deaths occurred on April 8, with the fatality rate slowing gradually after that date.

He also addressed Victor's concerns about PPE in private care homes and said: "The responsibility sits on my shoulders".

Today's United Kingdom hospital figures show that 21,678 have now died after contracting the virus, an increase of 586 since yesterday's figures.

Last week, a Financial Times analysis based on the gap between the significant increase in all deaths and those that mentioned coronavirus put Britain's true death toll at over 40,000.

Three people have died from coronavirus at Weston Area Health Trust so far, including NHS worker Amarante Dias.

This was 11,854 more than average for the week.

In the week ending 17 April, there were 409 deaths involving coronavirus registered in Wales, compared to 304 for the previous week.

Of these, 8,758 mentioned "novel coronavirus".

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