Lysol, EPA Warn Against Using Disinfectants As A Means Of Treating Coronavirus

Lysol, EPA Warn Against Using Disinfectants As A Means Of Treating Coronavirus

Lysol, EPA Warn Against Using Disinfectants As A Means Of Treating Coronavirus

The US President later clarified that his remarks were "sarcastic" in nature.A day after Trump's remarks, several makers of household disinfectants have urged customers not to inject or ingest their cleaning products to treat COVID-19."Remember, the cure can not be worse than the problem itself".

For example, New York City's Poison Control Center said it received 30 calls about exposure to such chemicals, an increase from 13 in the same period a year ago. Latest figures showed there were 19,506 hospital deaths to 1600 GMT on Thursday since the pandemic began.

Maryland's Republican governor Larry Hogan said that his state's health officials have received "hundreds" of inquiries about the safety of ingesting cleaning products after Trump last week raised the idea.

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency had to send out warning messages to its population to not use disinfectant as a medicine.

"When the person with the most powerful position on the planet is encouraging people to think about disinfectants, whether it was serious or not, people listen", she told ABC News' This Week on the weekend.

RB stressed in a statement that disinfectant and cleaning products should only be used as intended and under the appropriate guidelines.

"I was asking a sarcastic - and a very sarcastic question to the reporters in the room about disinfectant on the inside".

Meanwhile, American Medical Association President Patrice Harris said in a statement: "It is unfortunate that I have to comment on this, but people should under no circumstances ingest or inject bleach or disinfectant".

In response, Trump tweeted Saturday, without holding his daily coronavirus briefing, that the briefing was "not worth the time & effort" and put the blame squarely on USA "lamestream" media for asking "hostile questions" and reporting fake news.

At the White House coronavirus briefing on Thursday, Trump spoke about the possible benefits of "injecting" disinfectants into the body to the fight against the virus.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom based leading disinfectant firm Reckitt Benckiser has issued a warning for alerting people about the usage of its products on the human body after US President Donald Trump suggested injecting bleach to treat patients with Coronavirus. "One minute", he said in the briefing, when discussing the disinfectant and the possibility of sunlight being a cure with Bryan. Trump suggested on Twitter this weekend that he might stop holding daily coronavirus briefings following the recent backlash, saying they are "not worth the time & effort". "Leave it to the media to irresponsibly take President Trump out of context and run with negative headlines, : it added".

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