Tupac Shakur, a Kentucky resident, needs an unemployment check

Tupac Shakur, a Kentucky resident, needs an unemployment check

Tupac Shakur, a Kentucky resident, needs an unemployment check

Beshear said during his Monday press conference someone in Kentucky applied for unemployment benefits for Tupac Shakur, the same name as a famous rapper who was killed in 1996. Except for the fact that because of them, we had to go through many other claims.

"One person thinking that they were amusing, using somebody else's identity, is going to make tens of thousands ... of other people wait", he added.

"We're going to make sure we resolve his claim", Beshear added.

Andy Beshear has apologized to a resident of the state named Tupac Shakur after the man's coronavirus unemployment benefits application was thought to be a prank submission in the iconic rapper's name. He later told Lexington Herald-Leader that he never expected his name would be an impediment to getting his unemployment. I didn't know, and it's my fault, that we have a Kentuckian who goes by Malik whose name is Tupac Shakur. "That's just my name", he said, referring to Gov. Beshear.

The governor called Shakur personally on Tuesday to apologize and Shakur said he appreciated the gesture and forgave Beshear. "I told him how it happened, but I owned it". New reports claim the governor of Kentucky had a mild meltdown after finding out a man by the same name filed for unemployment in his state. "I said I was sorry if I embarrassed him or caused him any attention he didn't want".

Based on the state's COVID-19 fatality rate, the restrictions saved about 2,000 lives so far, according to the study from the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise at the University of Kentucky.

During his Wednesday update, Governor Andy Beshear provided another update on the Healthy at Work initiative.

Shakur's name was changed by law in the 1990s because his last name means "thankful to God" in Arabic.

Though Malik said he has been struggling to pay his bills over the last month as a result of the hold-up, he has nothing against the governor and is thankful for the call.

"I understand, he's dealing with a lot", he told the Lexington Herald-Leader.

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