Antiviral remdesivir could show effect in treating coronavirus, U.S. study shows

Antiviral remdesivir could show effect in treating coronavirus, U.S. study shows

Antiviral remdesivir could show effect in treating coronavirus, U.S. study shows

In a trial, it was found that the administration of the drug in COVID-19 patients achieved improvement and helped them recover quickly from the infection.

Recovery times were slashed from a median of 15 days to 11, while the drug also appeared to increase a person's chance of overall survival.

A government-run study revealed recently that remdesivir helped improve outcomes of those infected with the virus.

"For example, the primary end point of the NIAID-designed trial was met and will provide more information on the benefit of the drug", Adalja concluded. Our teams will look at ways to potentially bring the treatment to a broader patient population by investigating other formulations and means of delivery. Dr. Anthony Fauci said patients treated with remdesivir recovered, on average, four days earlier than those treated with the placebo.

Today, in addition to the NIAID data on safety and efficacy, we also have data regarding duration of treatment from the Gilead-sponsored Phase 3 SIMPLE trial in patients with severe COVID-19 disease.

They had expected it to be presented simultaneously in a detailed news release, a briefing at a medical meeting or in a scientific journal, allowing researchers to review the data.

And while it's only one test on a relatively small sample size, it does offer some optimism at a time when it's perhaps most needed.

"We know more studies need to be done, but I think it's definitely a step in the right direction, and any ray of hope is hopeful for all of us on the frontlines", Wildes said. "I suspect it did but that wasn't specifically stated". The expert added the study has proved "that a drug can block this virus". The mortality rate "trended toward" 8% in the treatment group as compared with 11% in the placebo, although the data still requires further analysis, Fauci said.

Gilead originally designed remdesivir to treat patients with Ebola, but the drug proved ineffective when tested for that goal, Live Science previously reported.

"Two earlier studies, one of which is published in The Lancet done in Wuhan, didn't show any impact of the drug and neither did the other one".

No drug now is approved for treating the virus, which has killed more than 230,000 people worldwide since it emerged late previous year. "(But) we really need to see the data, to see if this is legitimately true".

A NSW Health spokeswoman confirmed the health department "has been engaging with Gilead on gaining access to the drug for Covid-19 patients". "This drug happens to be blocking an enzyme that the virus uses" known as an RNA polymerase, which enables the virus to make copies of its genetic material, Fauci said. Given through an IV, the medication is created to interfere with an enzyme that reproduces viral genetic material. We're giving it now to our absolute sickest people.

"There are lots of confounding variables in these studies, numbers of patients, how sick they are, how much and how early the tested drug is given and for how long, etc. So that's where things get tricky", Evans said.

Comparatively, he referred to the NIH study as "truly high powered" because it involved more than 1,000 patients from hospitals in numerous countries.

There's also concern of a global shortage of remdesivir, but Singh is hopeful Canada would be able to secure some - at least enough for a study.

As for whether it would have enough to meet demand, the company has been ramping up production worldwide - using a Gilead facility in Edmonton among others - and now has 1.5 million doses, enough for more than 140,000 treatment courses, it said In an emailed answer to questions.

With a vaccine to combat COVID-19 still a ways off - FDA commissioner Hahn tells Fox News the agency has authorized two clinical trials, but that a vaccine could be 12 months away - the ability of remdesivir drug-maker Gilead to produce the drug quickly would be important.

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