Eminem Finds Home Intruder In His Living Room

Eminem Finds Home Intruder In His Living Room

Eminem Finds Home Intruder In His Living Room

TMZ reports that an alarm was triggered which caused Eminem to wake up from his sleep and discover the surprise guest in his living room.

According to the United States portal "TMZ", the incident should have occurred in a residential complex in Detroit earlier this month.

Eminem came face-to-face with a home intruder who slipped past his own security - sound asleep - and the guy made it into the rapper's living room, TMZ reported Thursday, April 30.

Reports say that the fan entered Eminem's gated property and snuck past his security guards before smashing his kitchen window with a paving stone to gain entry to the house. They detained him until the police officers arrived.

"He doesn't have an address, he put he's homeless and like I said, he's still sitting in the Macomb County Jail".

Eminem faced Matthew Hughes, right, when he broke into his Detroit home earlier this month.

The intruder was booked on April 6 and has reportedly been charged with first-degree dwelling invasion and malicious destruction of a constructing.

Eminem sold one of his two Detroit mansions in 2017, listing his home in Rochester Hills for US$1.99 million, selling it for less than half what he allegedly paid. Hughes did not steal any possessions and, if anything, seemed as if he wanted some face time with the rapper.

Yahoo Entertainment reached out to a rep for the 47-year-old rapper, but did not immediately receive a response.

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