Federal Government Announces Ban on Over 1500 "Assault-Style Firearms"

Federal Government Announces Ban on Over 1500

Federal Government Announces Ban on Over 1500 "Assault-Style Firearms"

Effective immediately, Canadians will no longer be permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or to use military grade assault weapons.

Numerous weapons used in violent crime in Canada were not obtained legally, and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said Trudeau would do better to focus on stopping guns from coming across the border than on banning law-abiding gun owners.

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights said Friday the new measures would affect hundreds of thousands of Canadians "who have followed every rule and regulation asked of them, and committed no crime". The shooter, a 51-year-old denturist, wore a police uniform, drove in a fake police auto, and used several guns during his 13-hour attack, which was the deadliest in Canada's history. Two weeks ago, a single gunman, posing as an RCMP officer, murdered 22 people in rural Nova Scotia. Some guns have legitimate uses, including in recreational shooting, he said, "but you don't need an AR-15 to bring down a deer".

Gun enthusiasts, meanwhile, are "enraged and infuriated" and promising legal challenges, said Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Police have said he used a handgun that was obtained in Canada and long guns that he obtained in the U.S., but they have not specifically said what guns he used.

"These tragedies shape our identity", he said.

"He knows there is an election coming up and he is appealing to a certain voter demographic", Betschart said.

Both Betschart and Breslawski said the majority of long-gun owners are members of target-shooting clubs and shoot competitively at ranges. "That money would be far better used to pursue the smugglers and drug gangs that plague our society".

A buyback program is in the works, though the legislation Trudeau said he plans to propose must pass Parliament first.

During Friday's announcement, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said two of the gunman's weapons are covered under the ban, but did not specify the models. Witnesses have described him carrying "military-style" assault rifles.

They also signalled intentions to overhaul the oft-criticized gun classification system and introduce stronger means of keeping guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. "This could mean that tens of thousands of assault weapons will remain in the hands of their current owners, for generations". Reimer said. "So [the ban] is not a timely move; it's an about-time move". There are an estimated 83,572 of them in Canada. One of the weapons was described as a 'military-style assault rifle.' Wortman was shot dead after leading Canadian authorities on a almost 12 hour and 50-miles-long manhunt. There are an estimated 5,229 of those in Canada.

These models represent nine categories of firearms and two types identified by characteristic.

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