Gigi Hadid Talked About Her Pregnancy On Jimmy Fallon Show

Gigi Hadid Talked About Her Pregnancy On Jimmy Fallon Show

Gigi Hadid Talked About Her Pregnancy On Jimmy Fallon Show

The rumours mill was in overdrive since a few days with speculations around Gigi Hadid expecting her first baby with former One Direction band member, Zayn Malik.

In February, Gigi talked about her desire to become a mother one day: 'I think that as I get older - well, one day I'll start a family and I don't know if I will always be modeling, ' she told i-D magazine.

Talking to PEOPLE TV about their relationship in October a year ago, Tyler said: 'I took it as I met a great person, a great friend.

She grinned from ear to ear throughout this whole portion of the interview, even when talking about how she and Zayn Malik weren't able to reveal their big baby news in their own time.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are expecting their first child, the supermodel told United States talkshow host Jimmy Fallon Friday. But today, the joy of the fans of the duo remains unparalleled, as the American supermodel officially confirmed her pregnancy on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Fallon tried to share some parenting advice with Hadid and told her to "be present for every part of it" because kids grow up fast. She reveals that her birthday cake, which was shaped like a giant bagel, was inspired by her latest cravings: "My craving has been everything bagels". "I was already so excited that my birthday cake was an everything bagel", she said. But this is the beauty of life; one soul leaves us and a new one comes in. I love him. And I don't know if it was my hormones right now or just, like, quarantine emotionalness [sic], I cried every five minutes for like an hour. "We feel very blessed", she said.

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