Time's Up Says Sexual Assault Claims Like Tara Reade's Can't 'Go Ignored'

Time's Up Says Sexual Assault Claims Like Tara Reade's Can't 'Go Ignored'

Time's Up Says Sexual Assault Claims Like Tara Reade's Can't 'Go Ignored'

US Democratic presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden denied a former staffer's accusation of sexual assault on Friday.

Trump's reelection campaign quickly released a digital ad featuring prominent Democrats, including Biden and Clinton, saying, "Believe women" and similar sentiments.

Reade says that while she worked in Biden's Senate office in 1993, he pushed her against a wall in an office building, put his hand up her skirt and sexually assaulted her with his fingers.

"It's interesting that the people who are trying to fan this thing are the very people who support Donald Trump and, of course, who say nothing about the allegations that have been raised, I think very credibly, against Trump from a number of women - you know, rape - from a long period of time, "Holder said during an appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher".

A recently uncovered Larry King Live segment from August 11, 1993 purported to show Reade's mother telling CNN that her daughter did not make the accusations public at the time because "she chose not to out of respect for [Biden]".

The AP has also spoken to two additional people, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect their families' privacy, who said Reade had told them about aspects of her allegations against Biden years ago.

Republicans have seized on the prospects of scouring Biden's records, showing aggressiveness that was harder for them four years ago while Trump was having to deny varying levels of sexual assault and harassment. Brzezinski and her co-host, Joe Scarborough, have been blistering in daily coverage of Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Trump, Mr Biden's expected general election opponent, said on Thursday that Mr Biden "should respond" to the accusation, which Mr Trump said he "didn't know anything about". However, they could not prove or disprove the assault actually happened, just that Reade told them it did.

Biden repeated his denial of the accusation. "We can not decide which women were included in 'believe all women"'. "Why is it different now?"

The secretary went on to say what the Democrats did to attack the reputation of Justice Kavanaugh in 2018 was an "embarrassment".

In light of his own history of sexual misconduct allegations, Trump is stepping delicately around the Biden controversy.

Newsweek reached out Saturday to representatives of Biden as well as Reade for a comment on this story. "If there was ever any such complaint, the record will be there", Biden said in a statement.

Biden's supporters in the Senate, too, have stood by him, including some who challenged him for the nomination and are now said to be on his short list for a running mate.

She received some praise online from conservatives in the media. He said over his five decades in public life, none of his employees was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

The former USA vice-president was expected to further address the issue on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

"Now, without more facts, it may just be up for the voters to decide what they believe", Cupp wrote.

The former staffer said she does not have a copy of the Senate report, and Biden has insisted he's not aware that any complaint exists against him.

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