Microsoft Reveals More Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass In May

Microsoft Reveals More Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass In May

Microsoft Reveals More Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass In May

This reconfirmation of PC support isn't an entirely new development, as Microsoft has been reliably bringing its first-party titles to the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 for the last few years, while also making many of them available as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

As you would expect Microsoft is looking to get the Xbox 20/20 series and all of the Xbox Series X updates in front of as many gamers as possible so it will appear on the Xbox account of virtually every major platform.

Microsoft added that starting from 7 May, it will be showcasing new features and capabilities of the Xbox Series X every month. Could something be in the pipeline that EA knows about?

A new post from corporate veep for gaming and marketing Jerret West says "Our goal remains to launch Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite this Holiday".

In a roadmap published on the Xbox blog, Microsoft detailed its plans for the year, which include the development of games for the Xbox Series X and the introduction of new titles to Xbox Game Pass on PC and console. We are finally going to see some Xbox Series X gameplay from various third-party studios from across the world. Right now we know the Xbox Series X specs, we have an educated guess on its price based on those specs, and a full comparison with PS5. All four methods can be watched on your mobile device, while the Mixer and YouTube apps on your Xbox console will allow you to watch the first episode of this new web series. The company's solution is Xbox 20/20, in which Microsoft will host a livestream each month.

In the lead up to the arrival of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft will be rolling out a new initiative called Xbox 20/20, which will consist of monthly showcases that will give fans a look into the future of Xbox.

There will be three months of announcements about the console and its games.

Xbox for the 4K stream.

I hope you'll join me at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET on May 7 for the next episode of Inside Xbox and the first moment of Xbox 20/20.

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