All The Xbox Series X Games Confirmed So Far

All The Xbox Series X Games Confirmed So Far

All The Xbox Series X Games Confirmed So Far

Now they also confirmed to exclusive games that players are going to have in the console. Yakuza: Like a Dragon launching on Xbox Series X, Scorn's freaky Alien-inspired horror, Raw Fury's underwater fish mystery adventure Call of the Sea, Bloober Team's next game being scored by Silent Hill's composer - there was a lot to be excited and intrigued by.

The latest updates have, understandably, been largely focused on the console, as the company makes an attempt to distinguish from the upcoming PlayStation - in any case, the methods will likely be launched within weeks of one another.

It appears there is a reasonable chance Sony will hold a final design reveal event for the PlayStation 5 at some point in June. Microsoft developed the device. It gives us a proper look at the game's combat, which allows the protagonist Eivor to dual wield, fire arrows, and throw axes. As announcement trailers, showing off the concept and tone of the game, they excelled - well, except for Madden - but surely that could have been accompanied by the developers talking about their game and a slice showing off actual in-game footage? They will only have two weapons which are Pistol and shotgun.

You can check out the colorful world of the game in the screenshots below.

Viewed from a familiar top-down perspective, The Ascent is an ambitious cyberpunk dungeon crawler that can be played in both single-player and co-operatively with friends. It seems that current-gen consoles are not capable of running the game on unfavorable settings such as 900p resolution and sub-optimal frame rates.

However, the terms for the upgrade are much more limited compared to other Xbox Series X Smart Delivery titles.

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