Anthony Fauci Warns of 'Suffering and Death' if US Reopens Too Soon

Anthony Fauci Warns of 'Suffering and Death' if US Reopens Too Soon

Anthony Fauci Warns of 'Suffering and Death' if US Reopens Too Soon

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"As much as I respect you, Dr. Fauci, I don't think you're the end-all", U.S. Senator Rand Paul said during the infectious disease expert's testimony to a Senate committee.

This morning, Fauci said that the ongoing push from some states to reopen now "disregards the checkpoints we've put in our guidelines on when we think it's safe to proceed", which he feared could "trigger an outbreak we might not be able to control" and ultimately become a "setback on the road to economic recovery".

Trump, whose reelection depends to a substantial degree on the economy, talks up his administration's record with the virus daily.

The veteran doctor, who has worked under Republican and Democratic administrations and is a coronavirus adviser to the current White House, noted some progress in the fight against a virus that the medical world is still trying to understand. Fauci and other health officials - and even the committee chairman - will appear remotely because of potential exposure to the virus. "In other words, it is many shots on goal".

Some US states are beginning to lift lockdown orders. "The consequences could be really serious".

More than 80,000 people have died of the coronavirus in the United States, and there have been more than 1.3 million cases confirmed as of Tuesday. But Trump and his task force have faced questions on how U.S. workers will be kept safe, especially after two White House aides tested positive for the virus. Yet many of those have begun to reopen or are about to do so, including Alabama, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah. Other states that have not seen a 14-day decline, remain closed despite meeting some benchmarks.

However, Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm says "We're just getting started in the second inning of this nine-inning game". "It's unacceptable that we still don't have a national strategic plan to make sure testing is free, fast, and everywhere". "By September. we project our nation will be capable of performing at least 40 to 50 million tests per month, if needed at that time".

He also said there were multiple vaccines being tested.

Trump has said there has been widespread coronavirus testing in the USA, more than in any other country, although some reports say that the not among the top 20 countries in the number of tests administered on a per capita basis. "And really the history of this, when we look back, will be of wrong prediction after wrong prediction after wrong prediction".

"It's the ability and capability of responding to those cases with good identification, isolation, and contact tracing, [which] will determine whether you can continue to go forward as you try to reopen America".

Redfield may be asked about why the White House shelved a CDC draft report that spelled out in greater detail how and when states could safely reopen and past statements he made about the strain on health systems later in the year if a resurgence in the coronavirus coincides with the annual flu season.

It comes as the USA has recorded more than 1.38 million infections and more than 81,000 deaths, while the worldwide the number is almost 4.2 million infections and more than 285,000 deaths.

Fauci's remarks followed a swipe from Sen.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday that scientists hope to know if a successful coronavirus vaccine has been found by 'late fall and early winter'.

"If you think that we have it completely under control, we don't", Fauci said.

Fauci referred to a rare inflammatory syndrome believed to be linked to the novel coronavirus, which has killed at least three children in NY and afflicted dozens of others.

Hahn responded that the FDA does not have authority over the cost of vaccinations, but added he would take the Vermont senator's concern to the agency's Covid-19 task force. "They should be able to get a test", he said during a press conference on Monday.

Paul, who tested positive for coronavirus in March, earlier asked Fauci about the likelihood of those who tested positive receiving some sort of immunity from catching the virus again.

The White House recently recommended that states test all nursing home residents and staff within the next two weeks.

Senate Democrats, including Patty Murray, her party's senior member on the Senate health committee, called on Trump to allocate $25 billion in funding to ramp up testing.

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