McMahon defends firing Luck just before shutting down XFL

McMahon defends firing Luck just before shutting down XFL

McMahon defends firing Luck just before shutting down XFL

Vince McMahon folded the XFL's 2020 reboot months after the first kickoff. Less than a month later, the attorneys for his former boss, Vince McMahon, have made a series of court filings to explain why Luck was sacked.

At this point in the process, McMahon has stated to the U.S. District Court of CT that he did in fact have a list of justifiable reasons to fire their commissioner.

Former XFL commissioner and CEO Oliver Luck is looking for $23.8 million in judgment from the wrongful termination lawsuit he filed on April 21 against the now defunct league. Sports Business Daily reports that Vince McMahon gave a reason for firing Oliver Luck that was quite direct: "gross neglect". The biggest reason is his handling of the COVID-19 situation, but a surprising reason that was listed was the league's signing of former Cleveland Browns receiver, Antonio Callaway.

McMahon is being sued for breach of contract after firing Oliver Luck. Vince further claimed that Luck did not inform him of his intentions.

Luck neglected his job once the COVID-19 pandemic began and moved back to IN from the XFL's offices IN CT on March 13.

"Put simply, at the very moment when his leadership as CEO was needed most, Luck did not devote substantially all of his business time to the XFL, as required by his contract", the filing reads.

When McMahon later found out about Callaway's troubled past, he saw Luck's approval of the move to be in violation of the XFL's directive regarding the hire of players with "questionable or problematic backgrounds".

McMahon hired Luck - who had been working for the NCAA - as XFL commissioner in May 2018.

Vince acknowledged that he personally guaranteed XFL parent company Alpha Entertainment's contract with Luck. "The cost to the XFL of this episode of gross negligence was in excess of six figures", McMahon's filing reads. Oliver Luck's contract was for $5 million as an annual salary and $2 million annual bonus. The guarantee would be moot if a court finds the reasons for Luck's dismissal were valid.

Today's filing was signed by Jerry McDevitt, a longtime attorney for Vince and WWE.

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