Trump says China trade deal 'doesn't feel the same' amid coronavirus

Trump says China trade deal 'doesn't feel the same' amid coronavirus

Trump says China trade deal 'doesn't feel the same' amid coronavirus

"What we are learning from these descriptions of what is happening to people is that those who are targeting Asians are invoking Trump and are saying things like, 'Go back to China, ' and 'You brought this virus here, ' basically parroting the conservatives and parroting Trump and his administration", she said. "I'm not happy about anything having to do with that particular subject right now".

In Thursday's interview, Trump also said the administration is looking "very strongly" into delisting Chinese companies in NY if they fail to follow accounting rules.

The Ministry of Finance said tariff increases on 79 types of goods including radar sets, disinfectant and rare earths minerals would be suspended for one year starting May 19.

Andrew Yang, a former Democratic presidential contender, tweeted that they are angry that people are dying and the United States is leading in coronavirus cases and deaths "due to a chaotic and uncoordinated response".

He also clarified during the press briefing that there are no so-called "wildlife wet markets" in China.

Last Friday Vice Premier Liu He, who led China's negotiations, spoke by phone with Washington's top negotiators and confirmed that both sides agreed to implementing the first phase of the deal.

President Trump said the U.S. could take the step of ending its relationship with one of its largest trading partners.

This legislation would authorise the President to take appropriate actions against the Chinese government to ensure similar outbreaks do not happen in the future, he said.

Noise around such a move as part of a financial decoupling with China grew after a bipartisan group of American lawmakers introduced legislation last summer that would delist Chinese companies out of compliance with US regulations after a three-year grace period.

While US intelligence agencies said the virus did not appear to be man-made or genetically modified, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said early in May there is "a significant amount of evidence" it came from a laboratory in Wuhan. "Stop dividing our nation".

In announcing his bill, Graham rejected the idea that China was successful in its response, saying he was convinced that without the "Chinese Communist Party deception the virus would not be here in the United States".

"Chinese Americans, like many Americans of every other race, are far more angry at Trump for botching the response to the coronavirus pandemic", Gu wrote. If the USA government asks Chinese companies to "follow the rules of the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ, what do they do, they say, 'Okay, we'll move to London or we'll go to Hong Kong'".

Eight other Republican senators co-sponsored Graham's legislation, a move that Zhao claimed was coming out of the National Republican Senatorial Committee playbook. The CPC's mistakes enabled the coronavirus to grow from a local issue to a global pandemic.

The US-Chinese standoff over the pandemic has raised questions over the fate of a partial trade deal inked in January that had marked a truce in their bruising economic war.

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