Oxford COVID-19 vaccine candidate protects monkeys in trial

Oxford COVID-19 vaccine candidate protects monkeys in trial

Oxford COVID-19 vaccine candidate protects monkeys in trial

"It was a big hurdle for the Oxford vaccine, which they have overcome very well", he said.

Researchers reported on the vaccine that six monkeys were vaccinated during the test before being given a heavy dose of corona.

Six monkeys given an investigational vaccine developed immunity from pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), allowing researchers to begin a phase one clinical trial on humans in the United Kingdom, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) said in a press release.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has joined World Leaders in a call for People's Vaccine against COVID-19.

When the monkeys were exposed to the new coronavirus, the vaccine appeared to prevent damage to the lungs and kept the virus from making copies of itself there, although it was still actively replicating in the nose.

There are over 100 vaccines being developed around the world at the moment, with research focused in the UK, US, Europe, and China.

"It is helpful to see that monkeys vaccinated with this SARS CoV2 vaccine did not have any evidence of enhanced lung pathology and that, despite some evidence of upper respiratory tract infection by SARS COV2 after high viral load virus challenge, monkeys given the vaccine did not have any evidence of pneumonia", Dr Penny Ward, Visiting Professor in Pharmaceutical Medicine at King's College London said.

Oxford University Succeeded
Oxford University Succeeded

Oxford's Adrian Hill says that if it works the vaccine has another important benefit, "this is not a hugely hard vaccine to make".

The potential vaccine is an adenovirus vaccine vector (ChAdOx1), Oxford university had said in a statement earlier.

Work continues in many other places.


The open letter urges Health Minister at the World health Assembly to support this people's vaccine. But given the rapid pace of the epidemic and the number of deaths, significant researchers are trying to create the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

Significantly, more than 100 vaccines are now being worked on to fight the coronavirus globally.

The vaccine is based on a small part of the virus's distinctive "spike".

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