Coronavirus: 70 new cases recorded in schools after reopening

Coronavirus: 70 new cases recorded in schools after reopening

Coronavirus: 70 new cases recorded in schools after reopening

Those individuals were ordered into quarantine but the school has remained open, the BZ newspaper reported on Monday.

The government claims four-year-olds are capable of social distancing, but it is fighting a war of words with teachers, parents and doctors who say it is "too risky" to let children return to schools.

It comes after a child in a reception class - which went back to school last week - was confirmed to be carrying the virus.

Some 70 nursery and elementary schools have closed down again in France after COVID-19 cases were found a week after the lockdown ended.

As of Monday, France has detected a total of 179,693 COVID-19 cases, the sixth highest number in the world, with the death toll at 28,111.

French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer told RTL radio on Monday there had been 70 new cases of COVID-19 linked to schools, although he did not specify if they were among students or teachers.

Nevertheless, the main goal remains that "every child resumes contact with the school, " he noted.

Eight schools have been closed in one city in northern France after a child tested positive for coronavirus.

Given that the incubation period for the virus is several days, people are "likely" to have been infected before the reopening of the schools, he said.

Numerous nursery and primary schools shut down during the week after the virus was detected among children. The government has allowed parents to keep children at home. The UK now has more than 244,000 cases.

About a third of pupils have returned to some 40,000 primary and nursery schools that reopened in France last week, with a second wave of children resuming classes at secondary schools in some parts of the country this week.

This came as more than 50,000 middle school students also returned to their schools on Monday, a week after the lifting of a nationwide lockdown.

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