New iOS 13.5 released; introducing Exposure Notification API and faster Face ID

New iOS 13.5 released; introducing Exposure Notification API and faster Face ID

New iOS 13.5 released; introducing Exposure Notification API and faster Face ID

The iOS 13.5 update also brings a host of other incremental improvements. With iOS 13.5, users will get the option to turn this feature off.

Unlocking newer iPhone models that use Face ID can be annoying during the current pandemic.

The update allows users to swipe up and enter a passcode when attempting to unlock an iPhone instead of having to use the phone's facial recognition feature, which sometimes has a delay in recognizing faces with masks, before entering a passcode. This is an important update for those, especially frontline health workers, who spend the majority of their time wearing face masks. Prior to this, it will reattempt to perform a Face unlock before it allows you to key in your passcode. With the new update, Apple has created a shortcut on the screen to enter the passcode immediately.

iOS 13.5 will make life with a face mask a little easier.

The new Face ID process will also work with other authentications apart from unlocking your screen. The feature is only available on devices with Face ID, that is, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. For example, iOS 13.5 also provides an update to Facetime in which the automatic arrangement of video tiles in group calls can be disabled if desired. This will prohibit the video tiles from automatically changing their size when a participant speaks.

Apple Update Alerts When Someone With Covid-19 Is Near
iOS 13.5 update rolling out with Face ID improvements, exposure notification API, more

As discussed in our iOS 13.5 preview, the update includes various improvements for Face ID and FaceTime, as well as support for COVID-19 contact tracking apps by health authorities.

Apps that incorporate the Exposure Notification API will use Bluetooth to track and identify people in contact with an infected person.

The users in the USA have also got an emergency call update that allows the device to automatically share health and other details from their Medical ID with emergency services.

The update also addresses issues where streaming video from certain websites does not play correctly and share sheet suggestions do not load properly.

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