USA pushing ties near brink of 'new Cold War'

USA pushing ties near brink of 'new Cold War'

USA pushing ties near brink of 'new Cold War'

The U.S. should stop wasting time in its fight against the coronavirus and work with China to combat it, rather than spreading lies and attacking the country, Chinese government's top diplomat, Wang Yi, said on Sunday.

China has previously proposed that the "global response" to COVID-19 should only be assessed when the pandemic is over.

Under Trump, whose administration labeled China as a strategic "competitor" in its first national security strategy, Beijing and Washington have clashed over everything from trade and technology to human rights and the status of Hong Kong.

He claimed that some political "forces" in the U.S. are taking the China-U.S. relations as hostage and are "pushing the two countries to the brink of a new Cold War".

"Aside from the devastation caused by the novel coronavirus, there is also a political virus spreading through the USA", he said.

This was said by China's Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi amid growing tensions between the two most powerful states on both the geoeconomics and geopolitical arenas. "China and the United States stand to gain from cooperation, and lose from confrontation".

But on Sunday, Mr Wang repeated China's assertions that it had acted responsibly to safeguard global public health since the virus first emerged in December.

"This risky attempt to turn back the will of history will undo the fruits of decades-long China-U.S. cooperation, dampen America's own development prospects and put world stability and prosperity in jeopardy", Wang said.

On Wednesday, the U.S. leader had said that China's incompetence is responsible for the "mass worldwide killing".

"We Chinese are always ready to reciprocate acts of friendship and kindness from others", Wang said.

"Some US politicians, heedless of basic facts, have fabricated too many lies and plotted too many conspiracies", Wang said.

Wang Yi blasted what he called efforts by United States politicians to "fabricate rumours" about the origins of the virus and "stigmatise China".

"We will continue to help Africa fight the pandemic, channel anti-epidemic materials as much as possible to developing countries in Africa, and consider sending a new group of medical experts to the region", Wang added. The move drew swift condemnation from pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, who defied virus-related social-distancing measures and rallied in the city center even as Wang spoke.

"China and the USA should and must find a way of peaceful co-existence and mutually beneficial cooperation, demonstrating that this is possible between two countries with different systems and cultures", he said.

Wang also offered his strong support for the World Health Organization (WHO) and its chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, frequent targets of United States criticism.

President Trump has accused the World Health Organization of "China centric".

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