NASA's Astronauts Are Buddies And Their Wives Are Astronaut Too

NASA's Astronauts Are Buddies And Their Wives Are Astronaut Too

NASA's Astronauts Are Buddies And Their Wives Are Astronaut Too

SpaceX, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's private rocket company, was on Wednesday forced to postpone a planned launch of two National Aeronautics and Space Administration astronauts into orbit from Florida due to bad weather, AFP reported. SpaceX and NASA have an instantaneous launch window today, which means they only have the one shot to take off - if the weather isn't cooperating at 3:22 PM EDT, they'll have to re-attempt the launch again, with the next possible window set for tomorrow, Sunday May 31.

One is that it would have marked the first time a private company launched people into orbit, and this also would have been the first crew to launch from the USA since the space shuttle program was ended in 2011.

With astronauts Behnken and Hurley strapped into the Crew Dragon capsule, the launch pad platform retracted and rocket fueling underway, SpaceX and Nasa made the call to abort.

According to the NASA, Behnken and Hurley were among the first astronauts to begin working and training on SpaceX's next-generation human space vehicle and were selected for their "extensive test pilot and flight experience, including several missions on the space shuttle". Since the end of the Shuttle program, NASA has paid Russian Federation for seats on their Soyuz spacecraft missions - which run upwards of an estimated $86 million per seat.

This time, the duration of the stay in the space has been made a decision to be around one and four months there before they return back to the Earth.

It would also bolster NASA's bet that relying on commercial companies for "routine" services, such as transporting cargo and crew to the space station, will free up the agency to focus on more ambitious endeavors, such as missions to the moon or Mars.

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Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken were the two Americans selected for the historic launch and are two of NASA's most experienced astronauts. Nasa has awarded almost $8bn (£6.4bn) in total to SpaceX and Boeing for development of their rockets. It was a lot of fun on Wednesday to watch the launch from NASA's YouTube channel, while also watching the stream from the space station.

Among those in attendance at KSC were President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who arrived separately earlier in the day in the hopes of seeing the first crewed orbital launch from the United States since the final shuttle mission, STS-135, in July 2011.

The test flight also will provide valuable data toward certification of SpaceX's crew transportation system for regular flights carrying astronauts to and from the space station.

This will be the first crewed launch into space from US soil since the end of the space shuttle program in 2011.

The forecast for Saturday was likewise precarious with a 50-50 chance of launch. "We will launch when we're ready", Bridenstine said.

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