Russian Federation records 30% rise in daily COVID-19 deaths

Russian Federation records 30% rise in daily COVID-19 deaths

Russian Federation records 30% rise in daily COVID-19 deaths

In a statement, the Moscow health department said the death toll was revised following post-mortem examinations.

Why was Moscow's Covid-19 death toll revised?

If all three categories are counted as COVID-19 deaths, the nation's total toll for April would stand at 2,713 or almost 60 per cent more than the previously announced number.

Such a counting method would take into account "even controversial, questionable cases", it said late on Thursday.

A total of 636 people died due to the coronavirus in Moscow last month, down from the previously reported toll of 639, health officials said. Russians also have lower incomes and don't have a habit of socializing in public places - such as co-working spaces, widespread in NY, and restaurants.

More than 9.7 million lab tests for COVID-19 have been conducted across the country so far, it added.

The apparent discrepancy has raised questions among journalists and analysts over the legitimacy of those numbers.

Russia's regions have mostly followed Moscow's lead in its response to the pandemic as well as with counting cases, so revising the counting method may lead to an increase in the death toll across the country. One of the researchers involved even told NPRthat it was incredibly likely that many of those deaths could be attributed to coronavirus.

Officials said that based on those figures a total of 1,561 people died in the Russian capital in connection with the coronavirus in April, adding the toll was "undoubtedly lower" than the number of fatalities in NY and London.

Moscow's Health Department said Thursday the coronavirus mortality index for April varies from 1.4% to 2.8% depending on the calculation.

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