These 4 new Alexa features make your Amazon Echo even better

These 4 new Alexa features make your Amazon Echo even better

These 4 new Alexa features make your Amazon Echo even better

For example you could say, "Alexa, drop in on all devices" to begin a Drop In intercom session; handy for conversations with family and roommates for things like asking if anyone wants a coffee or needs anything from the store. The company suggest that this may be useful to contact people around the house for dinner plans.

Amazon is always adding new features to Alexa, whether they're brand new capabilities or improved versions of existing ones.

Although the Echo Look was not one of the company's best sellers, it is rather amusing to see Amazon discontinuing an Alexa-enabled product as it continues to get the assistant into nearly all of its devices. So that means you can just drop in on devices around you, you cannot use it to make a call to another device that's not connected to your account. More details can be found from Amazon. You can use the Amazon Echo in your living room to talk to the Amazon Echo Dot in your kitchen, the Amazon Echo Show in your kids' room and the second Dot in the hallway all at once.

That's it. Now you can "drop in" between two devices in your home. This is, essentially, a way to start a conversation with another Alexa-enabled device. "Customers can now use group Drop In to instantly connect all of their Echo devices into a group conversation". Previously, you had to state which device you specifically wanted to Drop In on. They can send a reaction back by choosing one of three animated emoji options, including "laugh", "love", and "wow", when someone shares a photo with them.

Daily Music Pick - Amazon Music revealed Daily Music Pick, a new Alexa feature in which artists provide customers with daily music recommendations.

Another new feature is a new Daily Music Pick skill that plays a song, album, or playlist from an Amazon Music top artist.

You'll need to enable this feature to get it to work.

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