US Senator Rick Scott accuses China of sabotaging vaccine development

US Senator Rick Scott accuses China of sabotaging vaccine development

US Senator Rick Scott accuses China of sabotaging vaccine development

Timeline: How did China warn the world about the coronavirus outbreak?

In the global cooperation section of the white paper, China expressed its appreciation to the world in support of China's battle against the coronavirus.

China is now developing COVID-19 vaccines in five categories - inactivated vaccines, recombinant protein vaccines, live attenuated influenza vaccines, adenovirus vaccines, and nucleic acid-based vaccines, Wang noted.

Scott declined to give details of the evidence when asked during his interview on Sunday but said it had come through the intelligence community.

"Many Chinese in Australia have been insulted or even injured".

Ma Xiaowei, director of the National Health Commission, during the press conference, said that China immediately informed the World Health Organization (WHO) and relevant countries about the disease.

The white paper also highlighted China's use of science and technology, making full use of both to win the battle against coronavirus.

US Senator Rick Scott has said there is evidence to back claims that China is trying to frustrate COVID-19 vaccine development in the United States.

China said it would forget the "precious friendship" shown by countries and NGOs who had provided aid to China. The white paper claimed that the Chinese Government has taken the most comprehensive, thorough, and strictest control and prevention measures from the early outbreak to an all-out nationwide effort to combat the global pandemic. The white paper pointed out that some countries are promoting the ideas of "decoupling", "erecting walls", and "de-globalization", which will not only tear the world apart, but also harm the country itself.

Since the outbreak, China has sent two batches of cash, totaling 50 million USA dollars, to the World Health Organization (WHO).

As the United States and other countries struggle to bring outbreaks under control, China has largely returned to normal life. It elaborated on how the country engaged in worldwide cooperation over the past several months. China rejected the claims and said they were meant to distract the public from the USA government's own mistakes in its fight against the pandemic, a view reportedly shared by the German intelligence community as well. On Sunday, a top official dismissed accusations about Beijing's conduct as "completely unwarranted and unreasonable", an apparent reference to accusations by the Trump administration that China is to blame for the pandemic. Wang Guangfa, China's leading lung specialist, said he was unable to find out how the coronavirus spread, and at one time, shocked many in Wuhan with a fever in January.

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