Death of man who led area deputies on chase raises questions

Death of man who led area deputies on chase raises questions

Death of man who led area deputies on chase raises questions

Coming one day after the cancellation of Cops after 32 seasons, A&E has chose to make the hiatus for Live P.D a permanent one amid growing protests against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's death.

The decision was made jointly by A&E and MGM's Big Fish Entertainment, which produces the show. It would have been very hard to watch but in an ongoing effort to show all sides of policing I wish this had been aired just as we had shown many other controversial moments that led to criticism of, and appreciation for, police. Even though the show isn't coming back, I still felt it critical to address the important questions I have been asked - questions that I had been preparing to answer publicly when the show abruptly ended. The Williamson County Sheriff's Office case report said that Ambler resisted officers as they tried to handcuff him and would not follow verbal commands, according to the outlet.

A&E Network has canceled the police reality series "Live PD" following weeks of protests inspired by the death of George Floyd and a report that a crew from the show filmed the arrest of a black man who died after he was restrained by police.

As body-worn camera footage surfaced earlier this week of a 2019 incident of an officer-involved homicide in Texas, Live PD host Dan Abrams says that the show no longer has the footage.

According to the story, Ambler "repeatedly pleaded for mercy, telling deputies he had congestive heart failure and couldn't breathe". "I don't want to see another family go through our pain and I don't want to hear of another death at the hands of an officer". After being cuffed, Ambler falls limp. The medical examiner later found Ambler died of "forcible restraint" along with congestive heart failure and hypertensive cardiovascular disease.

'Live P.D.' was effectively canceled in the wake of protests against police brutality. There are concerns that the deputies in question being filmed for the show may have pulled more dramatic measures for the sake of the cameras and that is a whole other issue on top of the current state of affairs in the world today. "As with all calls we follow, we are not there to be an arm of the police or law enforcement but rather to chronicle what they do and air some of that footage and our policies were in place to avoid having footage used by law enforcement against private citizens".

A decision has not been made on the ID Channel's reality series Body Cam, which uses police officer body cam footage to show real-life cops in action.

The cable network announced the move Wednesday, a day after the similar show "Cops", on the air for 33 seasons, was dropped by the Paramount Network.

Host Dan Abrams and commentators Tom Morris Jr. and Sergeant Sean "Sticks" Larkin offer insights into what audiences are seeing in real-time, bouncing between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live episode. The series had garnered high enough ratings to be named basic cable's No. 1 show on Fridays and Saturdays in 2019.

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