Sony announces PS5 reveal event for next week

Sony announces PS5 reveal event for next week

Sony announces PS5 reveal event for next week

Sony's PlayStation 5 debuts later this year, but an online-only event scheduled for early June will take us inside the next-generation video game console ahead of its arrival.

Sony announced the event via social media and the PlayStation Blog.

Personally, $699 isn't much for something that will offer 8K video support, 4K 60FPS and 4K 120FPS gaming, and capable of driving the next-gen exclusives that will be powered by the custom AMD chips inside of the PlayStation 5.

At the online press conference on Jun 5th, Sony will definitely release more PlayStation 5 features.

The affiliate Sony Music Group has launched a $100 million fundraiser to support the cause. For game enthusiasts, the event is worth looking forward to.

A livestream presentation will go live on June 4 at 3pm CT where Sony will reveal the newest and biggest games coming out for the PS5.

While the franchise released Gran Turismo Sport in 2017, it wasn't a fully developed game title like the others in the series. The race to the finish line is intensifying between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) President and CEO, Jim Ryan, whether it is DualSense controller, or 3D audio, or SSD, the PS5 should now bring something new to the PlayStation community.

"The games coming to PS5 represent the best in the industry from innovative studios that span the globe. Studios, both larger and smaller, those newer and those more established, all have been hard at work developing games that will showcase the potential of the hardware", Ryan added. The next title in Polyphony Digital's racing series is widely tipped to be a PS5 launch day title, though that remains to be seen.

Sony's PS5 event is now back on, and will be streamed on Thursday, June 11 at 1 p.m. PT via Twitch and YouTube.

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