European Nations Sign 400M-Dose Vaccine Deal | coronavirus

European Nations Sign 400M-Dose Vaccine Deal | coronavirus

European Nations Sign 400M-Dose Vaccine Deal | coronavirus

The contract is for up to 400 million doses of the vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford, the company said, adding that it was looking to expand manufacturing of the vaccine, which it said it would provide for no profit during the pandemic.

A person being injected as part of the first human trials in the United Kingdom to test a potential CCP virus vaccine, at Oxford University, England, on April 23, 2020.

The development of a vaccine could be successfully completed by year end, German government sources said. Concomitantly, AstraZeneca becomes the first drugmaker to sign off a vaccine contract with Europe's IVA (Inclusive Vaccine Alliance), an entity formed by France, Germany, Netherlands and Italy in order to secure a pandemic vaccine for all "bloc" members as soon as possible.

The European Commission received a mandate from EU governments on Friday to negotiate advance purchases of promising coronavirus vaccines, the EU's top health official said, however it was unclear whether there would be enough money readily available for them.

"We have a very self-sufficient supply chain for Europe" with manufacturers lined up in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Italy, among others, he said.

Soriot told reporters Saturday that conversations were also under way with the governments of many other nations, including Japan, Russia and Brazil.

Sinovac Biotech Ltd. said its coronavirus shot is safe and capable of eliciting an immune response from human trials, suggesting the shot's potential in defending against infection of the novel coronavirus.

German Minister of Health Jens Spahn said that "the swift and coordinated action of a group of member states" would see "all European Union citizens" stand to benefit.

Testing of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine began in healthy volunteers in Britain in April with over 1,000 people aged 18 to 55.

It has agreed manufacturing deals globally to meet its target of producing 2 billion doses of the vaccine, including with two Bill Gates-backed ventures and a $1.2 billion agreement with the US government. He explained that injecting humans with the anti-coronavirus vaccine helps the immune system form a memory and combat the virus in the event of infection.

Assuming that the vaccine is approved, with 7.8 billion people on Earth, Moderna's production capabilities will only produce enough doses for a fraction of the population, leaving many to wonder how and to whom these vaccines will be distributed.

The experimentation phase of the vaccine is already advanced and is expected to end in the autumn, Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said in a Facebook post.

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