Beijing outbreak might have occurred one month earlier

Beijing outbreak might have occurred one month earlier

Beijing outbreak might have occurred one month earlier

Ryan said he "fully expects" China to publish the genetic sequencing of the virus from the Beijing outbreak as it has done in the past.

What is the origin of the cluster? .

While global flights are still diverted to other cities to prevent imported cases, other measures had been relaxed in recent months. Health services in the worst-hit cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai have been swamped by the rising infections.

The source of the new outbreak remains a mystery.

Fears that salmon could be the culprit after traces of the virus were found on a chopping board at the market for imported salmon triggered supermarkets and restaurants to pull it off their shelves and menus.

Chinese epidemiologists are trying to determine whether people caught the virus from imported seafood and meats, or whether locally infected people contaminated the food.

One salmon exporter, who declined to be named, said that some exports went through to China but most were still on hold.

The local government also raised its COVID-19 alert level, as the outbreak has spread to multiple districts in the city.

By Tuesday, Beijing had reported 557 confirmed domestically transmitted cases, including 411 who had been discharged from hospitals after recovery and nine deaths.

"We hope that this will allow Norwegian salmon exports to China to return to normal", Norwegian Fisheries Minister Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen said on Wednesday in a statement.

Schools in Beijing have closed once again after the city was hit by a second wave of the coronavirus. The residential compounds have also established security checks.

11 other food markets have been closed and nearly 300 others sanitized, and multiple housing compounds have been put under lockdown. Beijing is organizing nucleic acid tests for 90,000 residents to curb a new cluster of local COVID-19 infections.

"Because the Xinfadi market is the largest marketplace selling daily necessities, with thousands of migrant workers and a large number of visitors, it is hard to control the spread", Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters, according to AFP.

The first case of the outbreak was diagnosed on June 11.

Other measures include the closure of schools and transport suspensions.

A meeting of the city's Party leadership on Tuesday underlined "taking the most resolute, decisive and stringent measures, and racing against time to conduct screening, testing, epidemiological investigations and source resolutely block the transmission route of the epidemic and control the situation quickly".

Multiple cities have already warned residents not to travel to Beijing.

Beijing raises emergency response level.

His comments echoed those of experts earlier on Monday who said the fish itself was unlikely to carry the disease and any link to salmon may have been the result of cross-contamination.

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