EA announces Star Wars: Squadrons

EA announces Star Wars: Squadrons

EA announces Star Wars: Squadrons

Players will have a chance to fly a variety of iconic Star Wars ships for both the New Republic and the Empire, and will have a chance to plan out every battle in a "briefing room" before combat stars. Time will tell on that front, but it definitely looks like it should be a fun time. Each squadron will engage in 5 vs 5 first-person space battles in familiar Star Wars locations, as well as some new ones, such as the gas giant of Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan. With a release date locked in for October 2, 2020, players can now get in their orders of the game, which is launching across multiple platforms. Meanwhile, PS4 players can claim some bonus cosmetics if they pre-order. Both pilots are customizable and the campaign will feature an array of original characters.

This looks really promising; Star Wars fans have been wanting a spiritual successor to the X-Wing series for years. It's being developed by EA Motive, a team that worked on the vehicle portions of Star Wars Battlefront II. 5v5 fight multiplayer area battles are the secret.

One of the most ambitious parts of Squadrons is wide-sweeping cross-play.

Hera is well-known as a rebel on board the resistance ship, Ghost, with her other crew members that consisted of Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, and more. Its story is set after the events of The Return of The Jedi, specifically after the Battle of Endor which saw the destruction of the second Death Star. The Alphabet Squadron books are right there, and given Squadrons is operating the same time frame as those, maybe we'll get to see a glimpse of them in action too.

Compete in intense 5v5 dogfights, unite with your squadron to tip the scales in monumental fleet battles, and take off in a thrilling Star Wars™ single-player story. We'd love to see a statue of one of the fighters.

As StarWars.com also stated, players can move up in rank, and you earn new components to enhance their individual starfighters.

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