Twitter Flags Trump's Tweet of Doctored 'Racist Baby' Video

Twitter Flags Trump's Tweet of Doctored 'Racist Baby' Video

Twitter Flags Trump's Tweet of Doctored 'Racist Baby' Video

The video again accuses journalists of amplifying fake news, and misconstruing what happened when a white Trump supporter chased after an Uber driver.

The video, which runs for 60 seconds, starts with footage of one part of a viral video that shows a black child run from a white child.

Trump lashed out at Twitter last month after it added fact-check warnings to two of his tweets on mail-in voting, and promised to add new regulations to rein in social media companies.

Twitter applied a "manipulated media" warning to Trump's post, the first time it added that specific tag to one of his tweets.

Twitter, too, took action against the post, affixing a warning on the tweet that redirects users to an explanation why it's deceptive. The clip also accused "fake news" of spreading misinformation.

CNN's communications team replied to the president's latest tweet, saying: "CNN did cover this story - exactly as it happened".

Twitter describes the designation as applying to tweets that "deceptively promote synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm". Just as we reported your positions on race (and poll numbers).

Trump has shared viral pro-Trump videos originating with Cook before, including a clip showing Joe Biden sneaking up behind himself and giving his own shoulders a squeeze.

Although Twitter had taken a largely hands-off approach to the president's controversial tweets, in recent weeks the company began adding a label that fact-checked misinformation amplified by the United States president, as well as a note cautioning that a post glorified violence. It also labeled a Trump tweet about protests in Minneapolis as "glorifying violence".

Trump has been battling with Twitter and other tech companies over alleged censorship of conservative voices on social media platforms.

On Friday, viral-video licensing firm Jukin Media - which represents the father who posted the original video - issued DMCA complaints to Facebook and Twitter demanding the Trump-posted videos be removed. The ads, one of which warned of "dangerous MOBS of far-left groups", featured an upside-down red triangle that Nazis once used to identify political opponents - and that campaign officials dismissed as "an emoji". The ADL said in response that some antifa activists have used the symbol, but it is not particularly common.

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