Apple's Air Pods Are Getting a Switch Feature & Spatial Audio

Apple's Air Pods Are Getting a Switch Feature & Spatial Audio

Apple's Air Pods Are Getting a Switch Feature & Spatial Audio

The AirPods wireless earbuds line-up. Talking about the design of the upcoming earbuds, Kuo says that the AirPods 3 will feature a new form factor "similar to AirPods Pro".

Apple will launch third-generation AirPods in 2021, according to 9to5Mac. Hopefully, Apple's new AirPods will borrow a few other features from the AirPods Pro, including improved sound quality, more sizing options, and improved water and sweat resistance.

The way this works is that the headphones will automatically switch audio inputs based on which Apple device you're using, or need to be using.

Apple today announced a brand-new feature called Spatial audio for AirPods Pro.

We've been wanting this for a while, and it looks impressive so far, including the nice touch that a call to your iPhone can switch you back to your phone for prompt answering, a handy feature. This will be achieved by applying directional audio filters, and subtly adjusting the frequencies each ear receives, What's more, the AirPods Pro will be capable of dynamically monitoring the position of your head so that each ear gets blasted with the correct sounds to simulate an immersive theater-like audio experience.

So if you tilt your iPad, or your head, the earbuds will know and adjust things so that the sound always seems to come from the direction it was meant to.

"We estimate that the AirPods shipments in 2021 will increase by 28% YoY to 120 mn units thanks to the new iPhone 12's cancellation of in-box EarPods in 2H20 and the replacement demand of AirPods 3 in 1H21", reads Kuo's latest research note, obtained by Cult of Mac.

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